Mexicans, Mosquitoes & The Jolly Green Giant 

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Minnesota, USA is a truly beautiful place through the summer months. Join the Travelfreaks in the fields of Blue Earth in Faribault County. Alternative travel at its finest!

 Rickshaws, Meals and Jungle Fever

 Just to show how adventurous we can be, we've named it 'The Great Adventure Part II' (how original is that!?)

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Follow the Travelfreaks on their continuing journey around the world. Kerala, India is the venue for their latest adventure. Join them on their fight through the harsh British winter, overcoming taxi strikes, avoiding poisoning and fighting off more than just mosquitoes!

What's New?

Gap years are not just for the young looking for adventure before they embark on lifes great journey.

Please visit The Pad to find out how and why writer, Jo Carroll, took the plunge on an around the world adventure.



Throughout the Great Adventure there is a section named travel - bites. It is a column that shows rather than tells and also has its own page for snippets from around the world that have yet to have content added.

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Where next? 

Time to dust off those passports again! 

We have spent nearly all year, well at least since April,  considering options on where to go. We made enquiries about Austarlia, Ghana and Thailand for volunteer work and had positive replies from all parties, but for each country we kept coming up with more negatives than positives- long haul flights, health, weather...the list was endless.

Our next journey, Barbados...

The Island is 20 miles long and 14 miles wide, so why is this island so high on peoples wish lists to visit? Sounds like an adventure in paradise this time around for the travefreaks!

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