India: Kerala

The hostel at St Joseph International Academy, Kerala.

Approximately 30 children ranging from 6 - 18 stay at the school hostel. Some are there because their parents can afford the fees. Others, because they have nowhere else to go. The school was set up because of one mans vision and funded through a family foundation. As the writing on the school gates states- 'Enter with an open mind'. And just to add- Leave all your ideals (and comforts) at home.


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England: The Peak District 

If ever you find yourself in the UK and want to enjoy a scenic walk at your own pace, surrounded by wildlife and rolling green hills,the reservoirs in Derwent Valley might just be the restful retreat you have been looking for. The area boasts several miles of marked walking trails, from flat easy trails for the beginner to hill climbs and hikes for the more experienced adventurer.



 Western Australia: Perth

Just to put any pre-conceived ideas to bed here...YES it does rain in Australia! Perth is a very beautiful city undergoing constant transformation.

The city transport system boasts a free service that can be used to tour in and around the city area making it a cheap and easy way to see the sights. Buses are very clean and the services run regularly, even in winter.


This beautiful island nestles between Italy and Mainland Greece, boasting the clearest of waters ideal for swimming, snorkling and diving. Agrastoli, the main town square, is a meeting place for both locals and tourists staying into the late ours of the night during the summer months. It remains true to its traditions whilst delivering a Riviera-esque retreat for the rich and famous.

 Vietnam:The road to Thai Nguyen

North Vietnam isn't on every backpackers itinery so hasn't sold out to western tourists like some of the major southern cities. The streets bustle with scooters and roadside businesses.

Tunisia: Sousse 

Not something you would expect to the back of a local market! This footage is only a couple of seconds long as I didn't want to draw attention to the fact I was filming.




 The Netherlands: Amsterdam

Mention the Netherlands or Holland and people immediately have preconcieved ideas about cheese, cloggs, cafe bars that sell more than just coffee and the infamous red light district. What doesn't always get through is this is a modern vibrant country that bustles with multi- cutural flavours from all over the globe. There is something for every traveller, young or old.



Paris: Lunch under the Eiffel Tower

It is quite bizzare to find that you can leave London and be sitting under the Eiffel Tower in 90 minutes! Eat snails, share a glass of wine with friends, practice your high school French and soak up the ambience- well after fighting off the hawkers and street sellers!



Crete is without doubt one of the most diverse of all the Greek islands. Snow capped mountatins, Samaria Gorge, sun drenched beaches. Keep away from the tourist resorts to sample true Cretan culture- but watch out for stray dogs!