Hemsworth, United Kingdom

Sunday, November 28th 2010


Travelling light is the key to a pain-free, stress-free adventure...so they say!

 The important stuff:

  • 2x Backpacks -  (but still not too sure what to put in!) 65 litre
  • 2x daypacks- 25 litre. Idea for keeping valuables and documentation with you at all times.
  • 2x Passports -  including photocopies
  • 2x Visas -  including photocopies
  • 2x Copies of teaching certificates
  • Money - sort it when we get there
  • Medication - Plasters, paracetamol, Imodium, Dioralyte, sun block, Mosquito spray, all jabs, anticeptic cream, toiletries, hand sanitiser. We have made a decision NOT to take malaria medication. Some may say this is unwise...we have our reasons.
  • Mosquito net
  • Travel Insurance
  • 2x Netbooks - Well, it can get boring when one person is on the internet and the other isn't!
  • 2 X Cameras 1 for taking HD video and zoom (Fujifilm Finepix S9500- semi-slr), 1 point and click as a backup (Fujifilm Finepix A900) I bet you can tell which make of camera I enjoy using!
  • 2x SD Cards
  • 2x Flash Cards
  • Batteries
  • Charger
  • Universal adapter
  • MP3 Player and headphones
  • Spare pair of glasses
  • Sunglasses
  • Pack of playing cards
  • Scribble pad plus 3x pens
  • Couple of bin liners - to keep things dry
  • 3 metres of nylon string - make-shift washing line and good for emergencies if your bag bursts or even tie-dying a boring t-shirt!

  Clothes: Tony

  • 2x long sleeved shirt
  • 2x t-shirts
  • 2x long sleeved sweatshirt
  • 1x pair of trousers
  • 2x cotton light walking trousers (removable legs)
  • 1x pair of walking boots
  • 1x pair of shoes
  • 1x pair of light trek shoes
  • 6x undies and socks
  • Light-weight poncho

 Clothes: Diane

  • 2 x Pairs of trousers
  • Long sleeved t-shirts
  • Whatever she decides to take on the day!


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