Blue Earth, Minnesota
Thursday, July 8, 2010

We got up stupid early today- 4 am! At 7 am we were that bored we decided to go out to Walmart, about a mile away from the house. Due to our disorientation created with the whirlwind tour of the town we ended up going  a mile in the wrong direction. Not to worry, at least we got to have a look at the town on the main highway that passes through. Blue Earth is small but very spread out allowing a feeling of openness. I like it! The locals seem to own 2 modes of transport, either a truck (pickup) and/or a Harley Davidson and they all ride without wearing helmets.

After Walmart we walked towards one of the more famous land marks of the town, the Jolly Green Giant.
Blue Earth is famous for being the home of the Green Giant but I think it is one of those best kept secrets that only the towns folk know about. The statue is approx 56 feet tall and very green! He is quietly tucked away behind Subway and the County fairground so he's not that prominent on the landscape.  

It is a bit of a joke with locals as they often see people travel miles across the country to have their photo taken with a giant green plastic man!

When we got back to the house I took the bikes out of the garage to ride round to the office but the jet lag took us both by surprise and we were woken up on the sofa by Jason knocking on the door. It was about 12.30 ish and he had brought around a can of paint for us to paint the veranda. He told us he would pick us up later to have dinner with his family.

Working outside in the sun we got burned as the veranda was the perfect trap for sunlight. We scraped away the old paint and applied a rich fresh brown coat to the wood at the same time as getting browner ourselves! We were picked up at 5.30 for our dinner. Both tired and sunburned from our day on the veranda.Jason and Robyn's house is gorgeous! On the front was a fly screened veranda and opens up into a high ceilinged 100 year old colonial house surrounded by old tall trees. Robyn greeted us at the door with the option of beer or wine. I took the beer and Diane (wine monster!) chose the wine.

Robyn had prepared a delicious meal of chicken pasta and salad. Their children joined us at the table and we all tucked in and shared conversation about our two cultures. Jason remarked that he and his dad would like to visit the UK to see if the farmers really do stand in fields with straw stuck between their teeth! This made us laugh as we tried to explain that that was just a stereotype. One of the biggest noticeable differences we pointed out was the amount of pickup trucks used in the town. It seems to us that EVERYONE has one. " Errrr. yup, they do!" Jason said, when asked. He told us that they get them at 16 years old either handed down from someone in the family or paid for by hard graft in the fields during summer.

It's a rite of passage in this part of the country and a necessity as the roads are really bad and can sometimes be flooded.

The roads here seem to be covered in a lot of green, over hanging trees and bordered with lush green grass.
Jason said that it was quite unusual to still have grass so green at this time of year and that the above average amount of heavy rain and thunderstorms has kept everything growing- including the mosquitoes!!

On leaving the house something kept catching my eye...fireflies!, the whole garden was alive with little lights switching on and off. What a beautiful sight! The whole street looked like a scene from a Disney movie. I had left my camera back at the house so was quite disappointed.

Note to self: ALWAYS carry a camera to capture the unexpected! 


 The main road that passes through the edge of town

 DSCF1827.jpg picture by Bibblerspics


 The Jolly Green Giant, towering above the surrounding trees

DSCF1582.jpg picture by Bibblerspics


 Diane preparing the veranda for painting

 DSCF1584.jpg picture by Bibblerspics


 Tony taking the credit for a job well done

 DSCF1599.jpg picture by Bibblerspics