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Back in the UK..but for how long?

Posted by Travelfreaks Travelfreaks on Friday, December 31, 2010, In : The Great Adventure: Part II 
Happy New Year to everyone!

You wouldn't believe the hurdles we came up against on our latest adventure. Read all about it in Part II of The Great Adventure- When I've typed it up and sorted out the photos and videos, that is. There is over 15 gig of media to organise so it's going to be a time consuming task but well worth it.

We recieved a request for our services from someone, somewhere in Europe while we were away and it looks quite an interesting project- You will have to wait to see where...
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So, what's happening?

Posted by Travelfreaks Travelfreaks on Tuesday, November 9, 2010, In : Site updates 

Welcome to the  shiny new version of Travelfreaks: The Great Adventure. The site is still in its infancy so there may be a few bugs to iron out, not to mention the spelling and grammatical errors splashed about the pages. If you spot one, SHOUT OUT and send an email on our contact page. There is so much happening behind the scenes at the moment that I haven't found the time to proof read everything yet. A job for someone, perhaps? Feel free!

Freaks Food is still waiting for the added input, s...

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