After all the hard work and sleepless nights getting this site up and running, I decided to create a whole new site and another round of pain-staking sleep deprivation commenced!  Why? I hear you ask..Well, the original reason Travelfreaks existed was to have somewhere to store the photos from our travels but after enjoying writing up my diary and finding out that people enjoyed reading the adventures, the next logical step had to be a progressive change to accommodate a fast growing site. I felt like I was creating my own version of War and Peace! (yes, I know that's a little cliche so don't bother picking me up on it, please!). 

To keep running costs down to about, errr... zero, using free web space seemed like a good idea at the time, but as the site got bigger the free space got smaller and so a catch 22 began to emerge, making it increasingly difficult to shuffle the larger files around.  I originally decided that The Great Adventure should continue on and any other functuality from the site should be moved to another free webhost site. Then a domain name would be the next purchase, using the two accounts  only as a temporary measure until enough money could be saved to buy a chunk of web space and reliable hosting. I got the new site just about up and running and looked at what the other provider was offering- I just wish I had done my research BEFORE putting in the hours!

Yola is exactly want I was after in the first place, the support and package on offer is the best on the interweb for what I'm after and the cost is quite reasonable too. I'm not after any freebies (though it would be nice..and I never look a gift horse in the mouth) I'm just letting you all know about my personal experience.

So, the lessons I've learned are; do your homework before the adrenalin and excitement of getting your words out there to the masses takes over your senses and clogs your brain, and, if your grazing in a field that makes you happy, the grass will definitely taste better, even if it does look greener in someone else's field!

I'm sure I'm not the only person to go through feelings of self doubt and being over critical about the layout of a site and possibly won't be the last!

Travelfreaks: The Great Adventure (PART II)