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Back in the UK..but for how long?

Posted by Travelfreaks Travelfreaks on Friday, December 31, 2010, In : The Great Adventure: Part II 
Happy New Year to everyone!

You wouldn't believe the hurdles we came up against on our latest adventure. Read all about it in Part II of The Great Adventure- When I've typed it up and sorted out the photos and videos, that is. There is over 15 gig of media to organise so it's going to be a time consuming task but well worth it.

We recieved a request for our services from someone, somewhere in Europe while we were away and it looks quite an interesting project- You will have to wait to see where...
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How much for 2 days at the beach....??????

Posted by Travelfreaks Travelfreaks on Sunday, December 19, 2010,
After 2 weeks in the wild backwaters we nave come to Kovalam for a 2 day luxury break. It is full of rip off merchants, hawkers, beggars and overly inflated shops- as much as 4-6 times!! We have spent more in less than 2 days than the rest of our trip!!

Don't come to this place if you visit India. Yes, the beach (from a distance as it is overused) is beautiful, but there are far more beautiful and authentic places in India to visit and your money will last 4-6 times longer than here!
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Well, we are here....

Posted by Travelfreaks on Monday, December 13, 2010,
The school is surrounded by tropical forrest and the largest roads or nothing more than tracks. The people here are friendly and inquisitive and always willing to help you out and have a chat. We are developing the websites for 3 schools owned by the same man and consulting with the head of the school about legalities.   The one thing I am unsure about is our hosts seems to us he has hidden routines from western eyes, but shall say no more in case of reprisals against the childre...
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