Hemsworth,United Kingdom
Sunday, August 22, 2010

After getting back from America we have kept our minds set about travelling. We haven't come 'home', we have just come to the UK to earn a bit of travel money until the house sells. There are still many adventures to undertake on our own doorstep and until we get bored of trudging the local public footpaths our spirits will still be high, still with our eyes wide open. We retain the positive mindset that is pushing us to travel the world.

Hemsworth is a small Parish town in Wakefield, West Yorkshire. The town still bares the scars of a once thriving coal mining community now long gone since the industrys demise at the height of the Margaret Thatcher years. Bitterness still runs deep within the community and the surrounding villages and no amount of government funding has been able to heal the scars. Unemployment is high, as is teenage pregnancy and drug abuse. As outsiders that have only lived here for 3 years, we believe that the people still go through life with closed eyes and minds, not quite ready to accept change, even after over 25 years!

What this town does have, is charm. It is ideally located for country walks and has several miles of public footpaths. 10 minutes walk in any direction and you are in the countyside. Today, we went for a walk around the area and watched as many of the farmers harvested crops.

We visited Hemsworth Beach ( a bit of a local joke- It's 70 miles from the coast!). It is a regular place for families to visit and becomes very popular during summer.

During our trek through some of the fields we came across a bean crop but are unsure as what beans they actually were. The whole field was either dead or more than ready for harvest.

After about 4 hours or so of walking we returned home.