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Travelfreaks are:

Maths, I.T and Teacher Training Lecturer in colleges and in the community. Has travelled around the world participating on various international teaching projects. Diane enjoys crafts including knitting, sewing, crochet, embroidery and is currently working freelance as a pattern writer. She has a wide and varied knowledge of cooking methods using many herbs and spices creating vegiterian and meat dishes. She also enjoys growing own vegetables, herbs and has an interest in sustainable living. Enjoys voluntary work.


Maths/Literacy, Personal Development Lecturer, Work based learning coordinator in colleges and in the community. Has 16 years previous experience working on many UK construction projects as a labourer, plant operative etc. Highways, Playgrounds and footpaths.
Farm hand, agriculture, harvesting.

Travelfreaks welcome offers and invites to work for meals and a place to stay anywhere in the world. Ideally, anything connected with food, education, community projects, farming and sustainable living would be of interest but are open to offers. They both enjoy meeting people from around the world and travelling to countries to participate in voluntary exchange programmes.They are also members on the Couchsurfing register, WwoofUSA and Helpx International.

Experience, capabilities and interests;

  • Gardening
  • Harvesting- Mechanical and hand picking
  • Farming
  • Construction-Machine driving, labouring
  • General labouring
  • Basic maintenance
  • Cooking
  • International Educational Projects
  • Mathematics- International students and teachers
  • English- International students
  • Information Technology
  • Community and Personal Development and project management
  • Workbased learning projects
  • Community educational projects
  • Textiles- Crochet and knitting
  • Music projects
  • House sitting
  • Sustainable living
  • Personal Development
  • Animal care

Feedback posted on the WWoof USA website about our volunteer services:

 Comments from Feder Prairie Seed:

"We hosted Tony and Diane in July at our farm in Minnesota. They were a joy to have here. They are both excellent workers and joined right in with the weeding and harvesting. Tony is also an excellent machine operator. Diane taught my grandchildren to make one minute cupcakes. The mosquitoes were ravinous but they still went right in at anything we asked of them. I would welcome them back at any time."Bill Olson
Feder Prairie Seed Farm


Travelfreaks are now available to take bookings for seminars, lectures and volunteer work on any of the above!

 Please send all enquiries via our CONTACT page.

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