Hemsworth, United Kingdom

November 4th 2010

The house is off the market!

After having just one family and a property developer look round the house we have decided to take it off the market and  wait for things to pickup and give it another go next year. We still want to sell and continue on our adventure but may have to wait a few more months. This hasn't disheartened us or even detached us from our dreams... we have a backup plan...

We have spent some time looking into going to San Diego. We have been in contact with people over the internet to find out if the weather is still warm over winter and had a couple of conflicting reports. We have sent a few emails out to farms offering our services but unfortunately they are either fully booked or haven't replied to our emails. We have also had a look at Texas too but the farms are so far away from the airports that transportation would become a major issue without having our own car. An expense we would prefer to do without.

We have finally decided on where we are going. We have kept in regular contact with a school for the last year wanting us to volunteer in exchange for food and lodgings. We will be spending all Xmas there so it will be a bit of an experience being out of the country during the holidays.

So where are we going to go?


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