Hemsworth, United Kingdom

Wednesday, 15th September, 2010

Had a great day at work and my mind kept wandering to thoughts of where we are going next on our Great Adventure. A finance company has given us an offer on the house and we have been researching our options. The chance of unloading the house and taking a considerably less amount than our asking price, still seems attractive. The new position I have secured isn’t too bad either. It pays the bills while we are waiting to sell but staying here and participating in the ‘race’ is not an option. I do get the chance to travel around the wilds of West and North Yorkshire, visiting many of the small towns dotted about the counties and yes, they are beautiful, while the sun is shining. I really must take a camera out with me!

Getting home from work I was full of thoughts about Spain. Diane sold me on the idea and after a little research it seems a great choice. I wanted to discuss with Diane which volunteer opportunities we should consider making enquiries about. From building tree houses to teaching English, there are many projects we could approach to offer our services in exchange for food and a place to stay.

I walked into the kitchen where Diane was putting shopping into the fridge. She asked me to sit down and listen to what she had to tell me.

"I have been to see the doctor today and she’s sending me for a priority cancer scan"



Hemsworth, United Kingdom

Friday, October 15, 2010


I didn’t know what to expect when Diane gave me ‘that news’ but after a trip to hospital and having a full investigation the specialist has determined that it’s not the dreaded ‘C’ word.

She may still have to go for an operation but we still have a couple of weeks to wait for the appointment. All things considered, she is fine. Time seems to be standing still as we wait for an all clear. She has some discomfort but as always doesn't let on how much discomfort she is actually in. Sometimes this leaves me worrying and guessing about her health and will just have to support her on her down days. 

We still have the house around our necks and hoping that someone out of the blue will turn up on the doorstep with a carrier bag full of money and a golden handshake- we can dream!

As the winter gets closer, we have been discussing the chance of going on another trip. We are considering heading to warmer climates to embark on yet more adventures. We have three places in mind, all very different and nothing is set in stone as we just keep talking about it, neither of us daring to really commit to a decision as we still have to wait for Diane's appointment.