Minnehaha Falls, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Thursday, July 29th, 2010

Off we went to Minnehaha Falls for a days adventure around the Park, just south of the city. The park boasts several statues from the early Minnesotan settlers to a statue of Hiawatha and Minnehaha. The mask of Taoyateduta 'Little Crow' of the Dakota, (A Chief torn between leading and preserving the rights of his people and coming to terms with the impeding demands of a 'New' America) sits proudly above the water fall.

We followed the path through the park and came across a photo shoot, obstructing the pavement. As the model kept posing the photograper chose to ignore us so Diane walked staight in front of the camera as he clicked. The man muttered and complained as Diane mentioned something about being ignorant- all I could do was laugh hysterically as I couldn't believe he thought we were in the wrong!

The park is desinged and set up for the 'day tripper' with safe walks sign posted along the river. I was expecting it to be a place for adventure but it was just a stoll in a park.

We walked to a picnic area at the side of a shallow part of the the river, just a little further south from the falls and ate our food we had packed for the day. Although the park was a pleasure to to visit it was a little too busy with people and families using the river for a cooling rest from the heat. The water was full of kids and the occassional adult, sitting down fully clothed and shouting out at who ever would care to listen from the group they were from. One woman, cigarette in mouth and a can in her hand shouted " Hey Bubba, She's drinking the water again!" referrring to a child no older than four or so. Bubba looked up from puffing on his cigarette and continued with his phone call, the woman discarded the actions of the child and continued chatting to her friend. The flow of the water was quite swift for a child so small to be left alone and I was quite pleased to leave the area and continue on our trek along the path through the trees.

As a place to visit for a day or a short walk Minnehaha is ideal but for a place for someone looking for adventure, it's a little tame. There are bikes available for hire but for $20 each I am pleased we chose to walk and happy we saved our money.

We finished our day off with a bottle of wine and and ordered Catfish at the Sea Salt Eatery. We were quite disappointed with the fish as it was pre frozen, bread crumbed and deep fried, not at all worth the anticipation of wondering what our first taste of catfish would be like.

We headed back to the train station for about 7pm and returned to Burnsville.


 Minnehaha Water Fall

turns to a wall of ice in winter!

 A tribute to Taoyateduta

 Little Crow

 On the banks of the Mississippi

 ' Not another photo'

 I'm not posing, honest!