Minneapolis, Minnesota
Wednesday, July 28th, 2010


We paid for bed and breakfast but what we got was bed and bread! In the dining room there was toast (bread), donuts (bread), waffles (bread)!!! Nice and healthy then...NOT! Diane is not amused and for once in my life the same goes for me. The one thing you need to keep constant when travelling is a healthy diet and if you have to use hotels it may be a good idea to ask about the food they offer before booking. The last thing you need is an illness.

After the breakfast we found a supermarket called Cub that had plenty of healthy options for us to choose from so we could plan our meals for the rest of our stay.

After our quick food hunt we went to find a bus to Minneapolis to have a good look around the city. When the bus stopped the doors opened with the shout of "Hi Diane and Tony!" Therese remembered our names. During the journey she produced an email with the feedback she recieved from the company she works for. It was a letter of commendation from her observation and she beamed with pride as she told us all about it. It's nice to be part of someones life and enjoy a positive moment.

Just before we got off the bus Therese offered her place for us to stay next time we were in town- She is such a kind-hearted soul!

We just might take you up on the offer!!!

Places can beautiful, landscapes can leave you in awe, but some of the people you meet can inspire you for a lifetime.

The journey from Burnsville to Minneapolis is a bus and city train journey that takes about 1 hour- the bus ticket you buy is transferable between the two modes of transport and valid for two and a half hours and costs the equivalent of £1.00- BARGAIN!

Minneapolis isn't what I expected. The streets are quite empty and there are no shops, or so we thought...

The buildings you see in the photos are connected with walkways  spanning the city streets. The whole city is connected with a series of skyways enabling everyone to get around without actually having to go outside- ASTOUNDING!

Inside each building there are a selection of stores, shops, mini malls and shopping plazas. It is quite an intricate network for someone new in town to navigate.

The city transport system is clean, well organised and quite a pleasure to use. The streets are very clean and pedestrian friendly with plenty of signage. Just in case you get lost, there are information officers patrolling the streets who wear flourecent jackets and offer advice for anyone not too sure where things are. They also hand out info leaflets and contact numbers in case you find yourself lost. The city also boasts bicyle hire with various pick up and drop off zones around the city and surrounding areas. I would recommend that anyone wishing to see city life in the Mid West pay Minneapolis a visit, you will not be disappointed.

After a huge adventure around the city on foot we were happy to crash out in our room back at Travelodge.



Diane and a very happy Therese! 

Buildings are connected with  walkways  spanning the main streets of Minneapolis. This photgragh was taken from inside one of the walkways

 Glaciated  towers emanate from the streets


Boats on the Mississippi