Eagan to Minneapolis to Burnsville, Minnesota
Tuesday, July 27th, 2010


We finally settled on a Travellodge in Burnsville at $50 a night. We stayed in the Marriott right up to leaving time at 12.00 and then jumped aboard the shuttle bus to MoA to connect with a bus heading to Burnsville. We have booked into the Travelodge for the remainder of our stay. The backpacks felt strange after only using a daypack for the last couple of days but we soon got used to them.

Entering the bus station we had to be careful where we walked as there are train lines that run into it and not that many signs about telling you which way to look, so we kept an eye out.

After finding our stop we sat and waited for the bus- chance to get a drink. It was cool in the bus staion as it was under the MoA carpark and kept you in the cooling shade.

The bus turned up and we got on. The machines on these buses are strange- you need to put the exact change in to get your ticket but the upside is it's very cheap!

As the bus set off the driver asked where we were from and where we were going. You could tell the rest of the passengers hadn't heard accents like ours as they went quiet and listened to our conversation. She told us she would let us know where to get off and began telling us about all the different places we could visit during our stay. She mentions Minnehaha Park, Fort Snelling and the boating Lake at Duluth. Someone at the back of the bus shouted out that the casino was a good place and the rest of the bus laughed and joined in chatting about the area. The driver has created a great community sprirt on her bus and you could tell by how poite everyone was that they respected her. Just before our stop, a man got up to leave the bus and introduced himself as a secret shopper to the driver. She was very nervous and Diane calmed her down by doing the teacher praise thing to keep the driver's nerves down. She introduced herself as Therese, without an 'A'. Therese stopped to let us out and said bye and thankyou.

We hiked with the backpacks up the road to the Travelodge. They weren't quite prepared for our arrival and had to get someone to sort out the room but we weren't bothered as we had turned up earlier than expected.

The room was very basic and very old but it was good enough for a place to sleep and had wifi but you had to wandr about to hook up to it! We got unpacked and went for a walk into Burnsville.

We saw Therese dive by waving at us from the bus and we waved back.

It is very difficult to find shops here. It isn't like England where a shop looks like a shop- sometimes they look like offices or even apartments. After a wander around in unbelievable heat and humidity we stumbled upon a Mexican grocers that sold everything Mexican! Diane could have spent all day in there but the stillness of the air after being outside was too stifling.

We visited Nicolette Park a few hundred metres form the hotel. It has a water feature that looks like it is designed for kids to swim in- they were splashing about in it anyway and there are also signs that say wifi access is available- we will have to try that out another day. After a wander about we went back to the hotel, burnt to a crisp again...

We are finding it difficult to find food that isn't from a restaurant or crap! Maybe tomorrow when we've had some rest...



 Train coming into the cool station

 It doesn't look busy, but it is!


 Soaking up the sun in Nicolette Park