Minneapolis, Minnesota
Monday, July 26th, 2010

This morning we had waffles, cereal and fruit for breakfast and filled our bags with food so we had extra for later too. We caught the hotel shuttle to Mall of America and went on a Mall adventure. This sort of thing can get a bit touristy but it was good to compare shopping culture and customer services with the UK. Customer service - is an oximoron in the UK!


We wandered around looking in the different shops but didn't find anything that we couldn't get at home... or anything we needed. Diane just had to visit Victoria's Secret somewhere she has NEVER been and bought herself a new bikini top- $68!, for half a suit!! As well as getting a night dress- something she didn't bring with her.

In the centre of the Mall there was a book signing by a star of 'Little House on The Prairie' Alison Arngrim, who played evil little Nellie Oleson. It was quite strange seeing her as an adult!

We ended up on the top floor of the Mall and found the movie theatre. At this particular one they have seats that move, vibrate and judder in time motion with the the film you are watching called D-Box technology- I bought 2 tickets for a later showing of 'Inception' so we went for something to eat before the show started.

I really enjoyed the experience of being battered and thrown about while watching the film but Diane...it sent Diane to sleep!

We returned to the hotel early evening and began looking online for our next place to stay for the night after.

We had more than enough food left over from our squirreling at breakfast, so there was no need to have dinner done in a microwave tonight. Free meal again!


 How may rollercoasters can you fit in a shopping mall?



 Microwave meals in hotels are not a healthy option

 Mrs Sexy holding her purchases

 Preparing the stashed food