Minneapolis, Minnesota
Sunday, July 25th, 2010

On Satuday afternoon, Diane and Jerry had spent quite a lot of time researching a place for us to go for the next leg of our adventure and we finally agreed on the Marriot Hotel, Eagan, just south of the city.

I would just like to say, it took a couple of hours to find a place simply because so many people had told us about the poor public transport links in this State, so I became panicy and slowed things down. Thanks go out to Scott for his quick thinking and using his phone to show us (me) the infastructure and to Jerry and Diane for being so patient with me.

Today we went to the Mall of America (or MoA, for short) before Patti dropped Tammy off at the airport and us off at the hotel.

The Mall is quite large and has 4 floors. In the middle of the Mall is a giant indoor amusemant park complete with several rollacoasters and log flume!  We met up with Rob and Jenna and decided to buy tickets and  have a go on the rollacoasters- This is not really my thing but I still went on a tame one- I'm terified of heights! Tammy went on an all singing all dancing looper and enjoyed every minute. Rob took some photos on the rollacoaster we all went on and I look positivley petrified!!!

After the rollacasters we had a wander round some of the shops- there are too many womens clothes shops here for me and Rob to tag along with a group of females!!!

For lunch we went to Hooters bar and had Bufflo wings (thanks Rob for sharing) and a burger. A few others from the BBQ turned up so everyone could say good bye to each other. After lunch we walked towards the carpark and said our goodbyes.

We dropped Tammy of at the airport and then Patti dropped us of at the Hotel.

We had a great weekend and made many new friends. Many thanks to Patti and Jerry for letting us have the freedom of their house for the last four days and we hope to get back over to see you all again. We will miss you all.


The hotel was cheap. Diane managed to get a great deal online and instead of costing $120 we got it for $37. 2 double beds, TV, airconditioning that was reasonably quiet, a bathroom and all very clean. Breakfast was in as part of the deal.

We had a hearty meal of proccessed food for dinner and and managed to have a pudding too- all microwaved!

The hotel has a shuttle service and tomorrow we are considering a trip back to MoA as we didn't really get to see everything today.




 Rogues Gallery

Tammy, Patti, Rob, Jenna, Diane

A final farewell