Andover, Minnesota
Saturday, July 24th, 2010

Got up today and had a coffee with Jerry before anyone else woke up and we seemed to talk about everything and anything aboutlots of things! We have had some very amazing conversations over the last couple of days and will miss him when we leave.

I was made to feel special at breakfast this morning as Tammy brought my eggs, sausage and hash-browns to where I was sat and gave me a warning that I am NOT going to have this honour (honor- for you guys over the water) again!

Today was a very relaxing day again. People turned up for the BBQ in a steady stream, all relaxed and full of warm greetings and smiles.

Rob turned up with a badminton set and net and got it all set up for anyone to have a go if they wished. I on the otherhand spent some time chatting indoors with Jerry.

Today I ate the most simplistic thing, a s'mores- "What's that?" I hear the English ask...well it's kinda like a toasted marshmallow with chocolate in two biscuist, full of fat and sugar but bloody delicious! Just have a look at the photo Rob took of me devouring one and have a look at the video at the bottom of this page.

The BBQ was great! Plenty of burgers-real meat (American size)topped off with Robs special chilli sauce- yummy! And quite a few low sugar cookie delights made by Tammy. Jerry made pizzas and evryone could choose what toppings they wanted- Pizza buffets are fab! (I think this was today...or was it yesterday we had the pizzas???Time is becoming abstract after Blue Earth and it's hard keeping a grip of the days).

As the day turned in to night Patti got everyone to try on some of the glamourous dresses she had and they all found that one of the dresses could fit everyone (The women that is!!). Today will now be known as the founding day of  'The Sisterhood of the Travelling Dress'!







This video is for anyone that has never heard of a S'mores 

It explains everything you never even knew you didn't want to know about these devilish delights (does that make sense?)

Embarrassing photo taken by Rob 


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 Throw another log on the fire..

 Scott and Leanne

 Man and it, cook on it, make a S'mores!

 Diane having a photo shoot with Candy


Photo taken by Rob