Andover, Minnesota

Friday, July 23, 2010

We accompanied Patti and drove to St Paul's airport to pick up Tammy who was flying in from Nashville, Tennessee. At the airport there was a camera crew filming people as they arrived at the gates. I have no idea what they were filming.

After a 15 minute wait, Tammy appeared from the departure doors with her suitcase dragging behind. Diane and Patti got out of the car to greet her. This was the first timethese three had met in real life and acted as if they were old friends. Not much ice to break there then!

Tammy has an amazing accent and all the way in the car I couldn't stop listening to her talking- no idea what she said though, because I was listening to her accent!!!

On the way back to the house Patti decided to call downtown to show us her lingerie shop. The shop was quite large and very colourful What was a suprise but we half expected it anyway, was that the shop was also an adult toy shop, with a very apt name- Lickety Split! The staff are vey polite and the displays were very tastefully done, 10/10.

After our tour we headed back to Patti's house.

A steady stream of friends began to appear at the door for the BBQ with some coming from surrounding States.

Our hosts are fantastic and very sharing, allowing everyone to stay at their house. We have met some very generous people on our travels and Jerry and Patti are right up there with them!

I am sat out in the suntrapped verranda as I write this and the sun is as ever, blazing.

As the heat of the day slowly dropped, but only a little, we sat around the fire chatting before everyone slowly drifted away for the night. Most people here have only ever contacted each other on the internet and it feels vert natural to be able to speak to them face to face although I never even thought about our accents being so different in real life! Everyone got on as if we were all old friends on a visit- truly wonderful!

Diane and Rob chatted away like long lost brother and sister, a great moment!

I laughed a lot today, in fact I laughed until it hurt then laughed some more...What a great day and I'm so happy that Diane is  finally meeting so many of her friends in one place.


I managed to get bitten by a bug on my arm that left huge lump the size of a golfball- it is still burning but hopefully it will be ok in the morning....




 The inseparable 'Sisters'

Tammy, Diane. Patti

 Freshest turkey, ever!

 Diane and Rob, catching up on the gos!