Blue Earth, Minnesota

Thursday, July 22, 2010

When travelling, you will inevitably experience feeling sad about the friends you leave behind, but also excited about the ones you have yet to meet!


Jason pulled up at the hose with his jet ski in tow at about 8.30am. We locked the house and with slight sadness looked back at what had been our home for the last 3 weeks.


As we drove further away from Blue Earth,the endless fields of green corn slowly turned to wooded pockets of small forrests of giant oak and huge Xmas trees. The sky became blacker as we went on and the inevitable deluge of water began falling from the sky.

The jetski was dropped off on the outskirts of Minneapolis and we made our way to meet Diane's friend Patti at the city Greyhound bus station.

On approching te city we caught our first glimpse of the high rise tower blocks- civilisation, it felt like impending claustrophobia after spending time in such a small community!

After pulling up at the station there was an awkward silence and few exchanges of how would miss Blue Earth and the mosquitoed prairies, which made us laugh. Jason thanked us for our hard work in the fields. I shook hands with Jason and we said farewell. He seemed sad to see us go and we felt it too.

From the sadness of leaving someone to the excitement of meeting new places and people is quite a contrast of emotion. I read about this phenomena from other travel blogs- quite an experience!

Patti met us in the station with an opening comment about 'you guys look so different from your photos'. I suppose I looked even more bizzare as I had let my hair grow for the past 6-7 months!

Diane, on the other hand looks exactly like her photo!

We jumped in the car with Jerry behind the wheel and shook hands before we embarked on yet another journey but only for 45 minutes this time, to Andover.

The best way to describe their house is 'Luxury cabin in the woods'. Private driveway, set in its own forrest wih roaming wildlife, outside jaccuzi, large RV parked on the driveway, neighbours with their own helipad- you get my drift? luxury!

Both can easily work from home, Jerry is a property manager and Patti has her own lingerie shop downtown.

Entering their house we were met by Jack, one of their two Shelties. The other Sheltie, Cloe is so shy, she will not go near strangers. Hard to believe that  two dogs in the same house have very different temperaments!

At around 7.30-ish we all went for a steak meal at a local bar-grille. The portions are quite large here and the bigger the steak, the better! Diane had a prawn salad. At the end of the meal, Jerry paid the ill (another free meal!). Thanks Jerry, you are a gentleman.

Back at the house we shared discussions about Imperial V US gallons, favourite comics an travelling the world. When I said conversations, they were more like debates. Very stimulating.

At 12.30am tiredness and the events of the day had all but wiped us out and bedtime was calling...


 Last view of the corn fields

 Planes on sticks!

(I bet there not as tasty as chops on sticks...)

 Approaching Minneapolis