Blue Earth, Minnesota

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Our last day in Blue Earth.

We got up early, ready to go to the office for the last day but Bill phoned up and said it wasn't nessessary and could I fininsh repairing the gutter instead. He came round at around 9.30-ish to say good-bye as he wouldn't see us again due to attending a meeting, upstate. He was quite emotional as he said goodbye and we we were too. He thanked us for all our hard work and told us we would be more than welcome to visit again!

Before heading out for the afternoon we visted Mike and Gnoc to see them before we leave. Diane presented Gnoc with a turquoise heart shaped pendant as a friendship gift which made us all realise it would be the last time we would all see each other. We all promised to keep in touch and exchanged email addresses.

We headed out to the Faribault County Fair. Jason told us to be there for 12-ish but we didn't understand why??? The rides weren't running and some of the attractions were still turning up!

At the gates of the fairground the Jolly Green Giant proudly stood, wearing a t-shirt. The mosquitoes must be eating at him too!

Some of the food looked ok but the majority of stalls sold things like deep fried twinkies, onion rings and toffee (candy) apples. There was a chinese stand that sold microwave meals and the Lutherian Church had a fantastic food stall but every table had somone talking to the diners about faith and God. A little too in your face for our liking but a wonderful experience to see so many people joining in with the community spirit.

In the grounds of the fair were originally preserved buildings from when the town was first settled in 1862- A log cabin, a church and a school house, all immaculate.

If you are a tractor fanatic, this town is denfinitely the place to visit! There were tractors dating from 1900 to the present day, most of them John Deer.

Diane gets bored quickly about things from the past and bringing her to a historical tractor convention nearly killed her! She had a shaded seat under the trees while I wondered round.

We gave in to hunger and went to the Chinese stall for lunch and shared fried rice chicken and pork lo mein, and yes, it tasted microwaved.

As we ate our plastic food we watched a presentation inside one of the large tents, celebrating peoples lives that had reached 100 or even older. There are quite a few people that have reached a century round this county- It must be all that fresh corn.

There was only so much to see at the fair as things hadn't really got into the swingso we returned to the house, had a quick nap and packed our backpacks ready for being picked up in the morning.


We never did meet Jason and Robyn at the fair!



 No Mozzies on the Jolly Green Giant!