Blue Earth, Minnesota
Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Meatballs for breakfast- now that's a new one for us! There is still a lot of food in the fridge and freezer to get through before we leave.

We both feel a little tired today even though we went to sleep early and ended up being the last ones to turn up for work.

When we got out to the fields we could see sombreros a few hundred yards away bent down slicing and cutting. One of the Mexicans was wearing 3 hats!! I don't know why and never thought to ask at the time.

The heat rose quickly along with an intense humidity as we worked and a break out of the sun was welcomed. When we got back to work one of the Mexican women was stood up in the field, shouting over to the others as she was peeing! THIS is why Andy had told Diane to use the toilet and not go in the fields, on our first day at the farm.

Just as we were finishing, Jason turned up in the truck with extra sacks and was very suprised how quickly we had finnished picking the seed. He gave us the afternoon off and told us that we were invited to go out for meal at night.

Bill and Sharron picked us up at about 5.30 o take us to Fairmont and we would meet Jason and the family at the steakhouse diner we were going to.

We had a nice meal together and discussed various places we had all visited. Bill and Sharron told us about their trip to Paris and how they appreciate the struggle we have gone through with jet-lag.

After the meal we stopped off at a roadside icream parlour. I watched people as they took away their orders. The icreams were huge! When it came to ordering mine I chose a small one. It turmed out that the only difference between one of the huge ones and mine, was the size of the cornet and the price!

Bill and Sharron dropped us off at home and we said goodbye to Sharron as it would be the last time we would see her. It seems even more imminent that we are moving on now. Tomorrow morning will be the last time we will be with the team at the farm as we are going to the County Fair in the afternoon and packing up our backpacks for the  next phase of our adventure.

11.30pm-A large pickup has just gone passed the house spraying the whole town in bug killer- DEET! Huge plumes below out as the vehicle drives slowly through every street. I wonder what the respiratory illness and cancer rate is in this town?? It can't be healthy...can it?

 Dancing Bug



 A meal with friends