Blue Earth, Minnesota
Monday, July 19, 2010

It's official!

We are going to Andover to meet Diane's freaky friends for a BBQ and have let Jason and Bill know our plan that we will not be returning to the farm as we want to have the opportunity to travel about a bit. They are fine with our decision but it does feels a bit sad to be leaving.


This morning getting everyone organise was a bit slow but we didn't complain as no one wants to spend more time than they have to with the mosquitoes.

Today we went to a place I can only describe as mosquito hell! We sprayed each other with 98% DEET- this stuff can't be good for anyone or the environment but keeping the mozzies away far out-weighs any eco-conscience we have.

Some of the bees in this field are huge. Mike tells us that Jason has his own hives and moves them round to help pollenate the flowers in the prairies. The flowers they seem to like are quite flourecent when the sun catches them.

We were so pleased when we finished picking seeds at 11 am.

By the time we got back to the yard it was time for Diane to visit Robyn and make healthy minute cakes with Robyn's children. I had planned to do finish off the paint work on the window frames but fell asleep on the sofa until she came back home. Diane laughed at me.

Bill came round at about six o'clock with a handful of freshly cut sweetcorn from the local fields. It is absolutely delicious!

After spending the other day planning a trip online at the local library, Bill told us that Jason could take us to Minneapolis (2hr drive!) as he was taking his jet ski to a dealer for a service. We were looking forward to making our own way to the Twin Cities, but this would save us fifty dollars and you should never turn down a chance to save some money!




 These flowers glow in the right light