Blue Earth, Minnesota
Saturday, July 17, 2010

 Another early morning ride around town on the bicycles to blow away the cobwebs. It's so peaceful here that it makes riding around a real treat! 

After picking up a few essentials we decided to head out to the library to catch up on emails. The longer we stay here the less I'm inclined to make contact with the outside world.

After several discussions we managed to plan the next leg of our journey. Andover, just north of Minneapolis. We  have asked several people about public transport but they all say there isn't any to anywhere from Blue Earth. With everyone having  access to at least two lots of transport there really isn't any need for buses, taxis or trains.

While I'm on the subject of transport, I have noticed that there are only two police cars in this town-  One for the Sherriff and one for the deputy on duty! There must be more, I just have seen them! 

After catching up on emails we decided to leave the bikes on the rack outside the library and have a walk around town in the sunshine...GLORIOUS! Lunchtime was fast approaching and we couldn't resist going to the pork chop sandwich bar, set up in the town centre carpark. We sat and ate our tastey sandwich and watched the laid back town life wander too and fro. ill's brother Dwight was also having lunch with friends and politely said hello. I think this seating area is where a lot of local business is informally conducted- definitely better than a meeting in a stuffy office!

Weather warnings were out on every TV channel when we got home. Baseball sized hail, flooding and tornadoes were all crossing over Minnesota. Excited and enthrawlled we couldn't help watching the updates and kept switching channels, just in case we missed anything. Just as it was getting dark, around nine, the sky filled with storm clouds.

By nine thirty the sky was black and thick with low cloud, then the light show began. The lightening was so frequent and intense it illuminated the town as bright as day, but at least it was a few miles away. Watching the sky in a storm here is breathtaking. there is such a large horizon due to the expanse of land. Torrential rain started at around eleven then the storm was above and all around! Crashing thunder, forked lightening, sheet lightening and several occurences of ball lightening!!!

It was a it stupid of me but, I stood outside on the veranda in the middle of the storm and managed to get several pictures. It took a while for reality to hit when i realised that i was stood outsode with lightening crashing in every direction that I was holding a metal electrical oject in my hands an quickly retreated into the house. The storm subsided after two hours and I enjoyed the thrill of feeling part of it, being otuside amongst the elements of nature...and where was Diane while I was overcome by my primevil madness? She had gone to bed and slept through the whole event!




 Blue Earth Library



 Main Street

 The amazing late night lightnening show