Hemsworth, England, United Kingdom
, December 27, 2009 

Everyone has to have a dream, one goal, one thing to keep you going. Our dream is to travel the world. We have already visited, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Wales, Crete, Tunisia, Australia, Scotland, Sweden, Vietnam and Kefalonia and have realised that there are so many other places waiting for us to explore.

We enjoy the cultural diversity of the countries we visit but have also felt that we have been on the outside looking in.

We are finally going to be living our dream of travelling around the world.

We are members of Wwoof-USA, Helpx  and supporters of VSO-UK :

First choice has to be 90 days Wwoofing in the USA (the maximum stay allowed without a visa) and then, who knows!

The WWOOF arrangement is not paid, it is volunteer help in exchange for food, accommodation and learning opportunities in organic farming and sustainable living. It may all sound a bit hippy-ish at first but that couldn't be more further from the truth! We will be offering our time to support communities with a practical hands on approach to sustainable living and learning new skills along the way in exchange for food and lodgings.

There are many plans we need to put in place to achieve this dream and welcome any advice/guidance and support from people or groups with previous volunteer/world travel experience. We are wanting to embark on this challenge with the minimum of outlay and will be looking at alternative means of accommodation and sustainability.

Although we have previous travel experience, we have never done anything on such a grand
scale and are very excited and keen to get started!

We will report on the ups and downs of pre-travel planning as well as our adventures on the road/air/water. Please feel free to contribute your thoughts/suggestions on the contact page. We will update the site every time there is something new to report.

Fingers crossed,

Tony & Diane


Hemsworth, England, United Kingdom
Sunday, January 24, 2010

We have now started to slowly realise that there is only so much planning you can do before you have to start the ball rolling. Ebay has been been giving us a steady trickle of money over the last 3 weeks as we slowly get rid of the things that tie us down- Where does it all come from???

There is still alot of stuff for us to get rid of and a lot more that we'll be taking to the local carboot sale as soon as the weather picks up. We still haven't decided if we should sell the house or lease it out. Both ideas have their pros and cons but this doesn't seem to be too much of a hassle at the moment- time will tell.

We are aiming to leave in July as the prices seem to be much cheaper and the first flight looks like it's going to be the biggest outlay.

The horrible freezing winter has made us even more determined to get started.


Hemsworth, England, United Kingdom
Saturday, February 13, 2010

Well, we have sold a few things but there is still so much more to do before we can relax. The cold weather has stopped us visiting the carboot sales but at least we have had Ebay to fall back on, even if it's a very slow drip drip of funds, well, at least it's going towards our little pot of gold.

Diane finally gave up work a couple of weeks ago and is now finally relaxing. This has given us space and  time to get things organised while I'm at work, Diane is slowly sifting through our enormous amount of stuff around the house and catagorising it into 'Ebay items' and 'carboot items', anyone want to buy a house?

Flipchart paper is Fab! How can anyone plan anything without it?
We now have a firm-ish plan of where we are going...Hurray!!!!

Crete- Final destination!

It's a plan that can change but we are happy that we have a list of places we both wish to visit.

We are looking at the first week in July to save some money on cheaper flights but who knows....we have to sell the house and it isn't on the market yet!

Hemsworth, England, United Kingdom
Wednesday, April 14, 2010

How many times must we have to go to the boot sales? We are both a little bored of it all now. To make matters worse, other people are now offering us things to sell on our stall. This is stretching our good nature to its limits! We know they mean well...but honestly...the whole idea of us doing the sales was to get rid of OUR rubbish and not to inherit someone elses cast outs.But still, we are getting a good commision and every little helps.....I suppose...

We have made a few enquiries around the world offering our services as volunteers- unlike most people, we have had a lot of response!

...decisions, decisions.....


Hemsworth, England, United Kingdom
Thursday, June 3, 2010

So....when this great plan started we had a clear view of what we intended to do. The house is finally on the market ( for a month now) but as yet, no takers. I am also faced with possible redundancy before it sells...... Is this going to stop us persuing our dreams?....in a nutshell, NO!

We are finally setting of to the USA at the beginning of July and instead of the original 90 days, we are going for 25.

We have a place to stay in Minnesota and will also have the opportunity to meet with friends in Andover for a long weekend and BBQ.

We can only hope that our estate agent finds a buyer in the time we are away so we can contiune with our travel plans. It's a minor hiccup but at least we are making a postive move forward and enjoying life by brushing aside all the hurdles it is throwing in our path.

Something I didn't realise is, I have an inept way of always seeing the downside insome of  the challenges that seem to be slowly us down. Thank god for the amazing way Diane handles a crisis and the way she makes me realise that if you put your mind to something and are  flexible, you will over come anything and get whatever you set your mind to.

So the Great Adventure has begun! Allbeit in segments rather than a continuous tour, but hey...at least we are at the starting point...we are very excited and ready to take on the world!

Hemsworth, England, United Kingdom
Friday, July 2, 2010 Whoo hooo!!

So after all the speculation about  being possibly being made redundant, I have secured another postion at the same college. That has taken the stress out of paying the bills.

The house is still up  for sale (for now) and it doesn't look like it's going to be sold any time soon. We have both looked at the alternatives of renting it out or even taking it off the market, but no decision has been made.  
Remember the hurdles I mentioned in a previous post? Well, there's another that has even got Diane's blood boiling! Our neighbours across from us have also put their house up for sale...for THOUSANDS of £s cheaper than our asking price!!!!! B**T***S! The good news is, no one has looked at their house yet either.

Oh...did I forget to mention (its been a VERY busy 'emotional' week).....flights are booked...Look out America we are coming over in a couple of days!

We are flying from Manchester to Newark then onto Minneapolis.

This isn't a holiday we are embarking on, it's a voyage of discovery. We have volunteered to work  witihin a small community, Blue Earth,
Minnesota. Part of the projects will involve working with local people in the fields, harvesting/seeding sustainable prairie grasses in an attempt to reintroduce native plants back to the wilds and lend a hand with any building projects, starting or ongoing.

The grasses are  used as a sustainable biomass to create ethanol and during the growing season are good for land drainage, used by many of the local farms. It must be a better alternative than the horrible yellow fie
lds of rapeseed that choke the air around where we live.

In exchange for around 5 hours of work a day we will be given accommodation and meals along with the opportunity to tour around the area- fishing, swimming, hiking and.....visiting the home of the Jolly Green Giant- Have a look in Google images! 

So, this is the last entry before we go. Better to see the world in installments than not at all. We will post updates as and when we can get internet access and add a few picutres too.

A decision  with the house will be made when we get back....hopefully!